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The Plane Facts

March/April 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s really cool to get to see when and how God works.  I love it!  Cristobal is about 45 years old, from the Ecuadorian coastal region.  He’s a traveling salesman.  He sells a simple plastic sprayer that you strap on your back to kill weeds and bugs in your garden.  The unit works great!   When we met him he was as lost as a man could be. Prostitution is legal here, plus he was a drinker.  Cristobal was raised without a dad, but his mother is a Christian and for many years had poured out many tears and prayer for her son.

One day four years ago Andy D’Varga and I were preaching in the center of Puyo when Cristobal walked by. We have a little theme song that we love to sing, “La Sangre de Cristo” (The Blood of Christ).  He stopped and began to listen to the singing and the Word.  I imagine the mom’s prayer vial was being poured out as the Lord was tugging on Cristobal’s heart.  He opened his heart to Jesus that afternoon and all that filth and garbage was washed clean by the Savior’s blood sacrifice.

For many people, that’s all we ever hear of them. Although it’s “drawing swords till heaven’s gate” for all of us, the victory is the Lord’s and God never quits working and molding. Cristobal stuck around and within a few days he wanted to give his testimony in the park meetings.  Andy and I sometimes would cringe as he got many things upside down and backwards and more than once we had to take the microphone away, apologize and make corrections publicly.

What a difference four years makes!  He has a jail ministry, and bought his own sound system. He preaches daily in the very spot where he received New Life in Jesus. Glory to God!  I’ve got to admit, stories like the one I’ve just told you really build my faith in God.  He is at work mightily in every one of us, or wants to be. There is a picture attached of Cristobal and me preaching in the plaza.

As we near our most glorious celebration as Christians, the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, we are rejoicing and praising His Name! We praise Him for how He continues to work in our lives and we praise Him for each of you who have stood by us over the years. Thank you! Have a wonderful Resurrection Celebration!!!

He is not here: for He is risen, as He said.  Matthew 28:6

Love Like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon La Bouef
PO Box 3298

Paradise, CA 95967