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The Plane Facts

February/March 2015

Dear Christian Friend,

Last month Sharon told you about our month-long trip visiting churches, family and friends in California and Florida.  Well, the final leg of visits stretched out right here in our very own Cuenca!  Wow, have things ever changed since we moved from there over 20 years ago. Around 6,000 Americans live there now! God sure works in unusual ways to get things done.  While there, Sharon and I had a great time with our son Jon, his wife Cati and their three daughters. The girls are now 20, 18 and 15. Where does the time go??!!??

In Cuenca we often stay with our friends Gary and Dena Pate who we have written to you about.  The Pates are doing wonderfully!  They came to Ecuador on short-term mission trips and then God called them to reach the children of Ecuador full-time for Him.  After language school they thought they would be working in the Casa de Feorphanage here in Shell, but God changes our plans sometimes.  They now have 5 weekly kids’ Bible clubs going on in and around Cuenca. They are constantly buying cookies and setting up crafts for the kids to do.  Everything they teach is Bible and Jesus-centered.  Those guys really love the Lord and they are pretty amazing.  And we know it’s God who has made them amazing.

One day while we were together Gary told me, “Ricardo, I speak Spanish well enough to get anything I want… but when we share the Gospel with kids I always get a translator because I want that message to be perfectly understood!” God has given the Pates bilingual Christian young people who are really on fire.  Gary pays them $2.00 an hour and on top of that blessing, the translators are learning/practicing more English while being trained to do children’s ministry!  Now can you beat that?!  I don’t think so.

God fired them up, called the Pates and sent them and now provides wonderfully for their needs.  I guess the reason I’m so excited about this couple (who are about 50 years old) is because we had the privilege of helping recruit them, or at least of encouraging them.  Now, seeing their flourishing children’s works reminds me that God can use any one of us if we will just make ourselves available to Him.  How about you?  We would sure love to come alongside you as you take your first steps to the mission field… and it doesn’t have to be Ecuador. Keith Green used to sing… “Jesus commands us to go, it should be the exception if we stay.”  We want to thank you for helping us go… but wouldn’t it be great to come on along with us? 🙂

Love Like Jesus,
Rick and Sharon La Bouef
PO Box 3298

Paradise, CA 95967