Personal testimonies

God heals:

“I had a severe tear in his rotator cuff and surgery was scheduled. I could not lift my arm and was in extreme pain. After receiving prayer at a Sunday service I could wave his arm over his head and the pain was gone. The doctor confirmed that my shoulder was healed and no surgery was necessary.” – J.W.

“I had a problem with my rotator cuff. After I heard J.W.’s testimony I received miraculous healing for my shoulder as well.” – V.J.

“I was having problems with my foot. I received a word of knowledge on a Sunday morning and my foot was instantly healed and my back pain stopped too! Since then, God has provided at least 2 people for me to minister His love to.” – K.B.

“Our ministry “Streets for Christ” prayed with a person who had severe pain in his ankle, back and had a headache. After he received prayer all pain left his body.” – R.B.

“I was diagnosed with cancer many years ago and was healed and in remission. Routine blood work indicated the cancer had returned. I received prayer with the elders. My doctor ordered an x-ray and it was determined there was no cancer.” S.C.

“I received a word of knowledge that the Lord was healing my back on the right side. I received prayer and was totally healed. Throughout the week I found herself doing things I hadn’t been able to do for a long time.” – G.G.

“I was diagnosed with COPD which caused me to lose my voice. I received a word of knowledge that God would heal my lungs and that my voice would return. At a prayer meeting I received healing and my breathing was instantly restored. My doctor did an x-ray and my healing from COPD was confirmed.” – K.B.

“I was having double vision. After I received prayer my vision was totally restored.” – A.V.

God’s provision:

“I moved to the USA with my wife and children and decided to be faithful in our tithing to church after reading Malachi 3:10. We needed 2 vehicles and God provided enough for us to obtain both vehicles. Also, My wife’s wedding gown business had slowed down but God met our needs by providing some consulting work for me to make up the difference.” – J.V.

“My son sustained a serious cut to his wrist and went to the emergency room which cost $1500. Our new health care had not been activated yet. We prayed and trusted that the Lord would provide. The next day I received a life insurance check for $1800 from the death of my father which was 25 years ago. We had enough to tithe and pay the bill for our son.” K.S.

God renews the mind and sets us free:

“I struggled with OCD for years. I received prayer to be set free and I no longer struggle with OCD.” T.A.

“I had been seeking God to help me lose weight. I have currently lost a total of 398 lbs!” – V.K.


(Permission was granted by each of the above people to share their personal testimonies)