Save the Storks to benefit from Dollar Offering

By: Michael McDonald


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Every month at New Covenant we take up an offering we call “The Dollar Offering”.  The intention is to choose a ministry beyond our own to sow a joyful gift into.  The name comes from the fact that we want it to be a 100% participation offering and so we ask only for a dollar from everyone, but we want every man, woman and child to give.  We even give dollars to those who have none so everyone can participate.  It has given us a chance to highlight many ministries beyond our own and broaden the horizons of our people.

This month we will be giving to “Save the Storks”, a pro-life agency that funds and builds vans equipped with ultrasound and able to do pregnancy testing.  They work in concert with local crisis pregnancy centers to provide a way of reaching abortion minded women who do not come to the center.  Their strategy?  They park outside of Planned Parenthood or abortion clinics and approach women with this simple question “Would you like a free sonogram?”  The success rate in women deciding to have their babies after seeing the sonogram is about 70%.  Also, unlike Planned Parenthood, this is not a one-time encounter.  Working in concert with the local pregnancy center and Christian community, they help woman through what is a very challenging time in their lives.  They look out for their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.  The following video punctuates the importance of offering real choices to women in crisis pregnancies.

If you are watching on-line, you can participate by hitting the “Give” button at the top of the live streaming page.  You can learn more about this ministry at