Come out and join us tonight and let’s make history together.

By: Michael McDonald


Categories: News,Prayer

I was reading an article on intercessory prayer by Pastor Jack Hayford today.  This is what he said “… We do know this: in the present, threatening situations all across our world, intercessory prayer is the only real defense we have.  Our prayer focus in these days should be to raise ‘umbrellas’ of faith to cover and protect our families, communities, cities, nations and the world as a whole.”  He was speaking specifically about terrorism, but there are certainly a number of domestic threats that we also should be interceding about.

The Lord is looking for an intercessor.  In Ezekiel 22:30 it says this, “I sought for a man among them who would… stand in the gap…”  God has designed things in the earth where we need to come into agreement with Him to bring about His purposes.  We begin by praying into existence His will in the world.  “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

On Monday evenings at New Covenant we meet at 7:00 to worship and pray.  We call the meetings “Ignite” because we want to start a fire.  We want to see a renewal of love for God all across this land.  We want to pray God’s will, so we seek His guidance in our prayers.  More recently we have been praying more for our nation.  Our prayers have the potential of shaping the future of our nation.  We literally can become history makers through the hidden discipline of prayer.