Online Giving Now Available!

As we give we are choosing to join our resources and values with those of heaven.  This act of faith releases the resources of the kingdom into this world so that we don’t look at our limited resources.  Rather, we choose to recognize the accessibility of the unlimited resources of heaven.  As we give we make the following offering declaration affirming our choice.

“As we receive today’s offering
We are believing You for:
Heaven opened, Earth Invaded
Storehouses unlocked, and Miracles created;
Dreams and Visions, Angelic Visitations
Declarations, Visitations, and Divine Manifestations,
Anointing, Gifting, and Calls,
Positions, and Promotions,
Provisions and Resources,
to go to the nations;
Souls and more souls,
from every generation,
Saved and set free,
Carrying Kingdom revelation!

Thank You, Father, that as I join my value system to Yours, You will shower FAVOR, BLESSINGS and INCREASE upon me so I have more than enough to co-labor with Heaven and see JESUS get His FULL REWARD.”

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