Who We Are

New Covenant Church is a vibrant congregation in Penfield, NY.  We are a local church wanting to lift up the name of Jesus not just locally but globally.  As we grow, we plan to add more resources, opportunities for interaction and live events for our community.  We hope you’ll consider joining us!

New Covenant Church is a community for a generation of people (both young and old) committed to understanding what it means to be all in for Jesus.  We want to know who Jesus really is and we want to be part of a community of believers who allow that reality to transform who we are.  In other words, we literally want to see the life of Christ expressed through our lives.  Our hope is that when we encounter others our lives would make the message of Jesus both visible and viral.  We want to greet with grace, love with reality and be able to demonstrate the love of the Father through the power of His kingdom.

We want to be a people who are honest with God and with others.  Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  We are looking for that truth and that freedom.  If you want to join us in that quest then New Covenant Church is for you.

New Covenant Church is a diverse congregation of people who may connect from all parts of the world.  Like all congregations we expect to greet people who are just beginning their walk with the Lord to people who have already gone deep in their spiritual walk.  We expect young and old and everything in between.  We expect to have interesting conversations with people of far different backgrounds and ethnicities.  Our hope is that this experience of Christianity will “blow the walls off” our parochial views and opinions of what Christianity looks like.  Our greatest hope is that the Holy Spirit will move through this church to help all of us to draw closer to Jesus Christ and discover the beautiful and unique expression of His life through each of us.

Along the road:

  • –  We see the Christian life as more about relationship than religion
  • –  We want a real relationship, not a virtual one, so we will tell you who we are and we ask that you tell us who
  •     you are.
  • –  We may offend you but we won’t lie to you.  We’re not trying to offend but when searching for truth it
  •     sometimes hurts before it heals.
  • –  We may not always be “nice” but we will always strive to be loving.  “Nice” can be deceptive but love never fails.
  • –  We believe God loves both you and us but we believe that His love calls us into a life and reality few
  •     have experienced; we want to live that life together with others.
  • –  We want to know God more and we are looking for others who want to know Him more

We believe Jesus meant what He said and that He was not a liar so:

  • –  When He said the kingdom of heaven is at hand (even within you) that we can experience the realities of that
  •     kingdom even now and lead others into that same experience
  • –  When He said we would do “greater things” than He had done that we really can.  So we dare to try.
  • –  When He said heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead and cast out demons that He meant it and
  •     through the power of The Holy Spirit we can do it